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This is a rap about a dude name kobie

Who started out editing wiki quite slowly

He made numerous articles, about lotsa drugs (meds)

But drugs don’t mean he was wunna the thugs (heads)

So he wikied all night and he wikied all day

he made so many edits , I don’t know what to say

on the internets, while other dudes got laid

but his work it aint been recognized till today

So I say, if I may, that theres no other way

That id still be alive, and legit, to this day

If it werent 4 that wiki site, itd be more than just gay

Your like “whys he talking bout this,? Just listen, ok……

We got 15 grand, 15 grand,

We got no other dude, who in such high demand

He went to Bluelight, that sites tight, but then he got panned

Cuz Hammilton popped, (he thought he owned that phat land)

But that don’t matter if we focus on the latter

After all, aren’t we all a bunch of lifeless matter?

Why does it matter, If that dude is fatter ---cuz we

Crippin people act like we mad as a hatter

Editing articles left and right, he gettin

PubMed citations, this stuff aint light, see

This expertise, sometimes its kinda nice

Learning psychopharma via decapitated mice

No, that don’t entice, but at least were being nice

Don’t you realize, everythings comes at a price?

But we tryna be ethical, we got synaptic vesicles

These mice be getting bupe, b4 they go 2 the vice

There last minutes gotta be, the best of their lives

400X dopamine has gotta be nice

They haterz say we tripping, but we, we just be sippin

On the purple drank straw, cuz the Law aint our Life

You gotta understand, sometimes, that life demands

Deviation, if u ever wanna live, somewhere close to elation

It’ll always be more than just the right combination,

It don’t matter how many corrupt drug corporations

If you got no hope, you better raise yo expecations…

Cuz its ghetto, right here in the

psychopharmaceutical nation

Its not quite what it seems
But what I really thought it means
The name is powerful, it seems
When I was in my teens
On me people leaned
I hoped that, Tranylcypromine
Would make me clean
But nevertheless
What i take, doesn’t work
Thus Im permanently banned
To forums where I lurk
I see facebook pictures
Of girls I like
Sometimes, sometimes
My hope is in sight
But the light, the end of the tunnel
I can see it, sometimes it gets really bright
But I cant take it lightly, or ill let it out of my sight
Cuz I don’t got might but I do got fight
At least a little bit, I know ill still slip
the lord seems to help if I go under and flip
So I don’t have to sit, I don’t have to quit
Ill just keep trying, cuz im not a piece of shit
Or should I think I am, because if so, then
I wouldn’t ever get stuck up, but then my pen
It likes to rhyme, it doesn’t like to push away
The truth flows outta me when I pray, or I say
So help me lord, I know you hear my prayer,
I know you see me hiding in my makeshift lair
I know its not fair, but I’m tired of my cares
Just take my shares, just help me up the stairs
You know I cant do this, by myself ill miss it,
I ve got no power, I always fail so I diss this
Im an empty, open book, ready too get took
Just open your arms wide, and take a big look
I really do need you , even if I forget
I don’t wanna get punished, but I know ive got debt
Just please let, fill me and make me set
Make me wanna do your work, make me fly like a jet
You know your cool, you know im a fool,
You know when im in pain, I will fall down and drool
You know Im a dual personalitied fellow
With a conscience and heart, as bendable as jello
You got this lord, help me trust that you will do so
Let my hope and my joy, outta my actions let it flow
make my eyes glow, my personality show
Your love and power, let them see it, and know.

Im a sickly, frail dude.
I got hope, and i try to keep trying
. ..hoping that someday, everything,
will be, MORE than just ok.
Im tired of lying, all this fake rhyming.
pretending it has a point......but,.
who cares? haha........everybody cares
they all wanna help me, they put in the effort
and they never gonna shelf me....i got
unlimited support, and quite a few resor---
--sez, its a shame , that theres no, one to blame
but myself, for my situtations stagnant air,
but you say, you always ask, why I sit right there
every day, every way, it dont matter what you say i always-
-stay, in my shell, but...you see, I DO care--- theres a
rift, inbetween, reality-assuming
when you make, a mistake, its cuz you were presuming-----

what you see, sometimes don't, correlate too well
to the truth of what that is, whats inside, that shell
what you see, is the opposite of what , im implying
whats white, is really black, whats true...I am denying.

Theres various ways, that we use today
To solve our problems , this is what I say
With insight, and, an algorithimic way
Right now im gonna tell u what I learned today
An algorithim is a very logical rule
Guarantees, a solution , even if u a fool
But insight, its different, it’s the inverse rule
Its illogical, its abstract , a lot more cool

Heuristic describes a thinking strategy
It helps u make judgments more efficiently
U can solve a problem, without much as much effort
but its more error prone, but faster in court

than the algorithmic way, I learned today
Confirmation bias is a kinda lame way
that we----confirm our perceptions, and our preconceptions
to support our false claims , it’s a dangerous way

justification, your own obliteration,
that’s the kinda stuff that gets to destroy nations
but it can be fixed, if your willing to change
the way you think, ….but u wont, that’s why its really kinda strange

fixations inability to look at a problem
from a another perspective , its keeps u from solve them
be u stubborn, its just the human way
u stick to your mindset, u think its ok

mental set, a way to do a problem
the same old way, every single time u solve them
its developed by your past ones, turning out successful
cuz u wouldn’t do a thing, that could might be distressful

functional fixedness, is a concrete way
the tendency to think things ina concrete way
screwdrivers cant ever do nothing else
never can they be a way to do something else

it just gets so old, every day im being told----------------that i
cant do a thing cuz it aint fit the mold-------of my
teaching, bleaching my fake affiliation of my
nations’ belief that we all be creations

but….I know that you see, that there is more to me
a lot more to me, than simply just what you see
the reason I asks cuz im not quite free ,
I assure you when I am, youll see the real me
Ive always been messed up ever since I can remember cuz i
Member in december I was 5 …………..cant find no rhymes no more.
I was good be 4, but I always want more
It don’t matter what its for, its always seem like it’s a chore ……….i always
Wait till the last chance the very point at which I cant
Become what I want to be, shun, that which isn’t me
Trust in him who comforts me, and choose the choice that makes me free I
Hate that which I have become, I hate this never having fun
Complicated such it is, I don’t know why I cannot say, why
I, am a helpless dude. I function like a selfish prude
I Think im always right (of course)
Help me Lord? Can you afford it?
If you can afford me, it'd be nice if you'd restore me..

I just had to act, in front of quite a few people….but it
Wasn’t very hard..I acted crazy,
i dont know quite why, i still get nervous, cuz
my whole life, Ive ALWAYS been crazy

well the real thing is, i dont really know
i didnt read the papers, my knowledge is quite low
im taking xanax for anxiety, my thinking is slow
so im just spitting out words as randomly as a crow

michael jackson died, its quite a sad thing
i thought he would be happy, with his car and his bling
but maybe he got tired of the duty to sing
he realized fame, its not really that great of a thing

it can wear you down, it can crush your spirit
if you screw up your rep, its impossible to clear it
so why dont you just chill, go to the couch and sit
and let me make my rhymes right and let me make them rip

cuz im so tired of 2009, its always the same, everything outta line
theres never enough time, never enough rhymes, never enough
energy to make the big climb,
outta the economic depression, in which we now reside
we spent too much money, we let our credit scores slide
way down to the bottom, our fleeting joy we ride
until we get bankrupt, then not evenour friends on our side

you see we all are like sheep, we follow each other
then when we get a little mad, we murder our brothers
we take everything for granted, we dont listen to our mothers
then we wonder why life sucks, why we feel so smothered

were a decrepit society, its common knowledge all right
the light at the end of the tunnel, is not quite in sight
but if we really do try, with all our feeble might
maybe we can fix the blight, get us outta the night

cuz were the USA, united states of america
supposedly the strongest nation in the world
but unless we change, the way we do what we do
our realities gonna end up swirled you see

we need a god to fix us, to give us a lift
we need more people to care, like the people on night shift
working hard for their families, about to fall from the cliff
we need to turn to the lord jesus, and eat a spoonful of Jif*

*Jif peanut butter on graham crakers is really good

Saturday, March 6, 2010

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16-oz. Can

Panax Ginseng-100mg

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